Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween festivities!

It was a busy weekend (and Monday evening) of Trick or Treating fun!  On Saturday, we passed out candy in a "Trunk or Treat" sponsored by our church at the town's Glow Fest.  Most of my pictures of the balloons turned out blurry because it was dusk and there was just no good way to get a shot of them.
Mahna Mahna!
Jonathan had fun trying to convince some of the kids to take candy from him.  lol
Hey, look!  It's Tow Mater!
I've never been this close to a hot air balloon before!
Funny story about Glow Fest...  My girls were off running around and saw a mother with a baby in a skunk costume.  When they stopped to admire him and saw that he was wearing an amber teething necklace, they asked his mom if she also cloth diapers.  Turns out she does, and we're on several of the same facebook groups.  hehe!  Thanks, girls, for making Mommy a new friend!  :)

Moving on to Halloween itself, the girls went Trick or Treating with friends from church this year, and had a fabulous time, while we stayed home, sat in the driveway with Mahna Mahna and passed out candy.
All gothed out!
And someone from Kingdom Hearts.
That's my girls!
In case you wondered, Zachariah is pretty much never still...
Yum, candy!
Except when he's nursing.  Still his favourite activity!  <3
I have a confession to make at this time.  I've been feeling awfully guilty lately about not having many pictures of the girls.  The  truth is, that they've gotten to the age when it's just not cool to hang out with your parents anymore, and Tatiana, especially, doesn't want to have her picture taken.  So if you've been noticing, too, that most of my blog posts have been a little Zachariah-centric, it's not for lack of trying.

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