Thursday, 11 March 2010

Family vacation

We haven't had the opportunity to take a family vacation in years.  Seriously.  The last time we went anywhere together as a whole family was before Jonathan and I got married, so that's been a long while.  Thanks to Jonathan's job, he had earned enough airline miles that the girls and I were able to fly to Virginia and meet up with him (he was already there for work) and stay with his family for a week.  It was nice to have a week together away from home.  While there, we went to Luray Caverns, the house where Robert E. Lee was born, and the Smithsonian natural history museum and American history museum.  We also got to see the property where Jonathan's parents are building their new home.  The girls were especially excited that they got to go to 2 new states (Virginia and West Virginia) and the District of Colombia.


Cristi said...

Wow your girls are getting so pretty! Glad yall got to get away. Our turns comin.

Jamie McLaughlin said...

awww love the pics! And I am very jealous of the vacation. My vacation this year is a the June :( If I don't return it means I have been carried off by giant bugs.