Wednesday, 1 January 2014

20.5 weeks and pregnancy stats

I've been a total blog slacker since August which, consequently, is when I got pregnant. So how about a few facts about this pregnancy?

I could seriously sleep through all nine months of pregnancy, but this one has been especially hardcore. Zachariah isn't a big fan of sleep, so I was already tired to begin with, and he's still nursing every other day or so. That piles tired on top of tired on top of tired!

Speaking of lactating, yes, I'm still producing milk. A lot of women stop producing fairly early into pregnancy, but I honestly don't anticipate that happening. I got pregnant with Ana the month after I weaned Celestia and my milk never actually dried up, despite not having a nursing child.

 I am due May 19th, but at my last midwife appointment, I was measuring several weeks ahead, which is completely normal for me. Despite regularly measuring ahead, I have had my babies at 40+6 (first and only spontaneous labour) 39+2 (induced) and 39+2 again (also induced). I fully anticipate that this pregnancy will go to 40+ weeks.

Yes, I said midwife. I've done the hospital birth with an OB thing three times now, and haven't really been happy with it, ever. I'm stacking the deck in my favour for a peaceful VBAC with a super awesome birth team this time!

Baby's heartbeat has been measuring at around 140 beats per minute, and everything seems to be going well!

I have an anterior placenta this pregnancy, which means that despite being about 20 weeks along, I'm still just feeling fluttery movements. Unless the baby finds my bladder. That, I feel.
I've been a total bum over the holidays and eaten way too much food.   My non New Years Resolution (because, you know, I never make those) is to get back on track both with eating and getting out to walk and doing yoga more.  This afternoon, I broke out my prenatal yoga DVD, and we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took Zachariah to the park to ride his scooter he got for Christmas.

Happy 2014, y'all!