Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Toddler Homeschooling!

Now that the girls are back in school, there's more time for homeschooling Zachariah.  Last year, we made an alphabet book.  So far this year, we've decorated an art caddy.
Orange is Zachariah's favorite color!
Practiced letters.

Gone on a nature walk at the park.
Yes, he's pretending it's a horn.

See the little lizard?
Jonathan caught it!
Jonathan and I were way more excited than Zachariah was.
We'll take these to the trading post at the Dallas Zoo and turn them in for points.
Beginning at the top, we have some bark from a tree, possibly an owl feather, a pecan, a cicada hull, a blue jay feather a persimmon and a burr oak acorn

Played with lacing cards...
And a magnifying glass.
And it's only Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New school year, great expectations!

What a difference a year makes!  Last year, on the first day of school, we were all so nervous.  Ana had just had a breakdown, and we were plunging into a whole new world of mental health care.  The girls were returning to public school for the first time in five years, and Zachariah was going to be without his sisters for the first time in his life.  Everyone was on edge that morning, and it did not start out well.  I wanted to take my girls to school, just for the first day, and they wanted to ride the bus.  I wanted pictures of their first day back to public school!
Yep, that's the best I got.

This year, however,
In the carpool line

After school.  How gorgeous does she look at the end of the day?
She ditched the pigtaials sometime during the day.  Zachariah was super excited to welcome his sisters home from school!

They actually wanted me to take them to school so they didn't have to ride the crowded bus with all their first day of school supplies.  Both were excited to see their friends and no cranky first morning words.  :)  Yay!!!

Celestia is playing clarinet in marching band this year, and Ana is taking all Pre AP courses.  The middle school also has a new principal, and I have high hopes that he's going to be far more compassionate than the last one.  Here's to a new school year!